I have movies on the brain today....I just watched the teaser for the new Star Wars coming out in December and my inner nerd girl is very turned on. Lol! Yes, I was one of those kids who read the Star Wars books and put the buns and my hair. I also had a fascination with Indiana Jones, I think he was my first crush. No the movies weren't popular growing up but my dad had me watch all of Lucasfilms extraordinary creations along with every western movie ever made. But that's another story in itself. I rater watch action pack sci fi excitement than Two Mules for Sister Sarah. My nerdiness continues with me constantly reading. I love being taken into another world in my imagination along with the author and create the characters in my head how I like them. I am one of those people that will read a book and go see the the movie when it first released and bitch the entire time because it's not what I visualized in my head. My only exceptions to my tirade so far has been The Hunger Games and Harry Potter. Which leaves me to my new revelation that I will be visiting the World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios very soon for the first time! I will drink some butter beer for ya'll!